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Everyone deserves a home, a Sanctuary

These animals are the ones with “issues” that make placing them in the average household a challenge. Most of the time these issues are behavioral and/or special medical needs.


They are silly, affectionate, smart. They have favorite treats, toys and beds.

They are whole beings with personalities and preferences just like us.

But they just don’t fit in the “mold” of perception of how a companion animal “should be.” Society has created a role and identity for our companions that not all animals can live up to.

Our sanctuary program is foster based.  They get all the love and care a “normal” companion animal would, but they remain under the rescue so we can provide the lifetime support these animals and their foster families need.

When you sponsor a sanctuary animal, you are providing monthly funds for their food, treats, toys and vet care.

Sanctuary Cats

Eddie 2.jpeg


Current Sponsors: $35      Still Needed: $40

Eddie came to us from a cat hoarding house. He was one of over 70 cats living in a home that was cluttered with so much stuff, it was hard to navigate getting into the home. There were no litter boxes, no electricity in parts of the home and the cats had gotten into the walls in some rooms.


Many of the cats in this home didn’t make it and Eddie and the survivors were living among decaying bodies of their friends.

While most of the cats rescued, went on to be adopted, Eddie became a Sarama sanctuary cat. Eddie has a condition called radial hypoplasia. He is missing his radius bones in his front legs. He was born this way. He gets around well and can run, jump and climb like the other cats. It doesn’t seem to affect his daily life. He just walks a little different than other cats.

Eddie is also semi feral. He doesn’t want to be touched by his caretakers but he’s finally comfortable being out and about in front of his foster mom but stays just out of reach. Eddie likes the other cats and enjoys spending time outside on the new catio.

Eddie 1.jpeg


Current Sponsors: $0      Still Needed: $75

Bubby was originally part of an outdoor cat community that was well cared for. All five cats were spayed and neutered and had shelter and food. Unfortunately neighbors didn’t want the cats there and threatened to poison them. Bubby was taken into Sarama for his safety.

While shy around humans, Bubby seems to love the companionship of other cats. He is often found cuddling with a friend in his foster home.

Bubby is also FIV +. Though this does not affect his daily life, we keep a close eye on him to make sure he is healthy and happy.

Because Bubby is cautious around humans, it’s hard to find an adopter for him. He doesn’t want to be touched and likes to have his space. He’s comfortable being around his foster mom and comfortable in his foster home with his feline companions.

Bubby 1.jpeg


Current Sponsors: $0      Still Needed: $100

Ollie was abandoned in a carrier at one of our partner shelters. The person who brought him in said Ollie’s owner had died but left before any other info could be obtained.

He is one of the friendliest and flirtiest cats we have ever met. He’s curious, silly, loves to be pet and is a lap cat.

We were sure he would get adopted quickly. And he did. And then returned quickly. And same thing again.

It seems that when Ollie goes to new homes, he gets super stressed and starts acting out. He has seen a vet behaviorist who thinks his arousal issues have led to confrontational behavior in previous homes. He’s been back with us for several months and has been doing great. He loves to greet the volunteers and supervise any cleaning that happens in the cat room.


We decided it was best not to stress him more and just keep him where he is happy and we can actively manage his environment. In July of 2023, Ollie officially became a sanctuary cat and Cat Room Volunteer Manager.

Ollie 2.jpg
Olliw 1.jpeg


Current Sponsors: $0      Still Needed: $75

BamBam came to us from a community cat colony where it wasn’t safe for him to live. He was an older kitten at the time. It took many months before he warmed up to his foster mom but still remains cautious at times.

He also hides whenever anyone else visits, making it really hard for him to be adopted. BamBam is a curious cat who loves to be outside on the catio and watch the birds and other wildlife.


He gets along well with all the other cats and likes to be petted, as long as he is the  to one to approach. He still gets scared if he is approached by a human.

BamBam is thankfully a healthy cat. His expense are for regular vet checkups, preventative meds as well as food and daily care items.

Bambam 1.jpeg
bambam 2_edited.jpg

Sanctuary Dogs


Current Sponsors: $25     Still Needed: $125

Benjamin came to us from Puerto Rico. He was six months old at the time. Though he is very social with dogs and cats, so many other things terrify him including new people. Ben has adjusted to life here and he feels safe on his bubble but we respect his boundaries and don’t try to push him past his comfort level.

When he first got here Ben wouldn’t come out of his crate for a day. And even when he came out, he wanted nothing to do with us. A few days later with the help of some other puppies we had, Ben started to trust me and let me pet him. From there he got pretty comfortable with soliciting attention from me and even likes to climb in my lap for pets. It took him over a year though before he let Adam touch him and still isn’t fully comfortable with Adam. And it was a really big deal when he went up to Devyn this summer and she was able to pet him.

Ben doesn’t like collars or leashes and will avoid having anything done to him. His crate is still his safe spot when he needs to retreat.

Ben is really good with other dogs and loves to play in the yard. He has babysat many puppies who came after him. His current BFF is a dog named Gina. Ben is one of the few dogs Gina likes!

Ben 2.jpeg
Ben 1.jpeg
nathan 2.jpeg


Current Sponsors: $10      Still Needed: $90

When we pulled Nathan from the ASPCA in 2017, we didn’t believe he would be a sanctuary dog. He has special behavior needs. That we knew. He was extremely reactive to everything new. He spent the first year of his life locked in a crate in a basement. He was severely neglected and was seized by the NYPD.

But we didn’t know he also had an immune mediated disease.

He broke into a fever and became very lethargic a few weeks after we pulled him. We thought he was going to die

It was incredibly stressful time trying to figure out what was wrong with him as we watched him decline. The vets ran every test imaginable and could not find anything. Finally he responded to a course of steroids and thankfully has been fine ever since.


However this has scared off adopters. Because we just don’t know if this will affect him in the future. Nathan can’t be vaccinated which makes means we have to take extra precautions to keep him protected.

Nathan is also on fluoxetine for his anxiety and it’s has helped him cope so much. He needs to have his bloodwork checked twice a year because of the medicine . Thankfully due to a series of happy vet visits we did with him and behavior drug therapy, vet visits are easier now.

Nathan’s favorite thing in the world is snuggling with his human friends! He will curl up on the couch with his foster parents anytime of day. He also loves toys! He plays fetch and tug of war and loves to sleep with his stuffed toys as well. He can be picky about his dog friends but he has made a few throughout the years and loves to run around the yard with them. He’s really smart and likes learning new things in training sessions

Nathan 3.jpeg


Current Sponsors: $25      Still Needed: $125

Buddy was rescued by our Friends at Zion’s Mission Animal Rescue after he was left chained to a fence for two days in the blistering summer heat. He came to Sarama a few years ago as a sanctuary dog.

Neighbors had witnessed Buddy’s previous “owners” punching him and kicking him when he was chained in the yard. Eventually the humans moved out and left Buddy there.

Buddy is cautious of new people but loves and trusts his foster family. We work with a Veterinary behaviorist to help manage his fear and anxiety and give him the best life we can.


Since he’s come to Sarama, he’s had two cruciate/meniscus surgeries to repair his back legs but is otherwise healthy and happy. Except when it storms. He’s terrified of thunder storms and his foster mom has to sleep on the couch with him. But he loves toys, all food , long lasting chews and chasing the hose water in the summer time.

In addition to the standard costs of monthly flea, tick, and heartworm medications, food and treats and regular vet visits, Buddy is also on three other types of meds for anxiety and joint supplements. 

Buddy 1.jpeg
Buddy 3.jpeg


Current Sponsors: $25      Still Needed: $125

Bear is a gorgeous mixed breed dog in need of a home. He is shy and scares easily and takes time to warm up to strangers. But once you’re in his circle of trust he is devoted for life

Bear was rescued as a puppy from down south and adopted out to a family with kids. The unpredictable and sometimes chaotic nature of a household with children was too much for Bear who stresses easily. He was surrendered to Sarama.

He lives with one of our most experienced fosters who has a back ground in dog training and behavior. He’s also currently under the care of a vet behaviorist and takes medication which helps with his anxiety.

Bear 2.jpeg
Bear 3.jpeg
nahla 2.jpeg


Current Sponsors: $25      Still Needed: $325

Nahla came to us on Thanksgiving Day in 2019. Her family had purchased her from a pet store years earlier and due to a change in work schedule told us they could not care for her anymore. Since Nahla has been with us we discovered she has a multitude of health issues.

She has had several surgeries including removing both ear canals (due to constant painful inflammation and growths from allergies), torn cruciate and meniscus repair, removing over 25 bladder stones, removing her thyroid due to hypoparathyroidism and is now under the care of three specialists and on several medications for life.

Nahla’s medical expenses are one of the highest we have encountered in rescue and because of this we haven’t been able to place her in a forever home. She lives comfortably as a sanctuary dog with other dogs and cats in our directors home.


She loves treats, walks, trying to eat the cat’s food and guarding all her bones and toys. Her estimated monthly expenses are $350 a month though that can change if she needs a spinal surgery. We are trying medication first to manage her pain and will check in with surgeon soon

nahla 1.jpeg
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