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Open Your Heart & Home

Be a hero and help us, help them.

We are 100% foster based and without volunteers willing to support our efforts we can't change the outcomes of these animals in need. 


Becoming a foster is a generous and kind act that is rewarding and fulfilling. Foster homes help us as we work to find forever homes for our rescues.

What you need to know:

  • We will provide supplies: food, crate, leash, treats and other items as needed for the foster animal

  • We are responsible for all vet care while the animal is in foster. Foster animals are required to go to a Sarama Animal Rescue partner vet, and all appointments are made by the rescue and scheduled at a time convenient for the foster family.

  • The length of time an animal is in foster care varies. Animals can be in foster homes for a few days, weeks, months or even a year. Foster families can commit to any length of time they are comfortable with when fostering an animal. We request a minimum of two weeks’ notice before requesting to end a foster stay.

  • We will provide a trainer to assist with any behavioral concern or training need that may arise. We use only certified trainers to ensure the safety of our animals and foster caregivers. All training must be scheduled through the rescue.

Cats Who Need a Foster


Age: 1 year old

Sex: Female 

Herbie was rescued from an outside colony in North Philly last year. He was part of a TNR project but when we saw how friendly he was, we wanted to find him a home.


He was adopted not too long after and had been happy, until his human died and Herbie was left alone in the house. His human lived alone and no family members wanted to adopt Herbie.


He is understandably sad and a little confused but he’s very friendly, allows pets and loved rubbing up on legs and head bumps. He’s playful and loves companionship.


Unfortunately because Herbie doesn’t get along with their cats. Herbie needs to be on special urinary food for crystals.

He Vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, FIV/felv negative

Herbie 1.png

Spencer Read

Age: 5 years old

Sex: Male

Spencer Reid is one of the sweetest, friendliest cats we have ever met. He doesn’t just tolerate being held, he loves it.

spencer reid 1.png

His foster mom can carry him around like a baby and nothing makes Spencer happier.


Spencer loves to snuggle but he’s also playful and loves toys and exploring.

While he isn’t great with other cats, he has been good with the dogs and will often curl up next to them to nap.


Spencer is a special needs cat. He gets inflammation around his eyes that require eye drops. Spencer is very good about getting his medication. We aren’t sure if the drops will be something he needs to be on everyday forever yet or just as needed going forward. We are currently working with an ophthalmologist to figure this out.


Spencer is neutered and tested negative for FIV/felv.


He’s currently in foster care in Voorhees, NJ but because he’s separated from the other cats in the home we would love to put him on a foster or adoptive home where he can have free run of the house.

spencer reid.png


Age: Adult

Sex: Female

If you are looking for someone to keep you company and maybe be your personal assistant, Foxy is for you.

Screen Shot 2023-09-21 at 2.44.34 PM.png

Foxy is very nosy and likes to be involved in whatever we are doing. She loves toys, being petted and will follow you around. She gets along well with the other cats & dogs in her current foster home.

Foxy is spayed, vaccinated, tested negative for FIV/felv and microchipped.
Foxy is currently on a special diet to help with her sensitive stomach.

Foxy is available for adoption or foster.

Screen Shot 2023-09-21 at 2.44.34 PM.png

Dogs Who Need a Foster


Age: 4 years old

Sex: Male 

Breed: Pit Bull Terrior Mix

Poor Bean is pretty scared of everything and being in a kennel environment is not the best thing for him.

Bean 2.png

When he met a behaviorist, he was much more relaxed and social than we anticipated. Which made us happy! She adjusted his anxiety meds so help him cope in the kennel but we really need to get this boy out into a foster home ASAP.

Bean is neutered and up to date with vaccines.


He needs a quiet home with someone who will give him time to decompress and help him feel comfortable. He loves treats, toys and napping in bed.


He’s generally good walking on a leash in areas where there aren’t a lot of people or other dogs. If you live near nature trails, that’s a plus!

Right now we are looking for a home with no other dogs or cats for Bean

Bean 1.png


Age:  2 months old

Sex: Female 

Breed: Corgi Mix

She is a perfect itty bitty puppy

View recent photos.png

This sweet little puppy is 9 weeks old and currently weighs only 3 pounds. Her mom looked like a corgi mix but we are unsure who her dad is.

Dory is playful with other dogs and affectionate with humans. She has not been around cats or kids yet but she likely would do well with both with managed introductions. She is not housebroken yet.

We are seeking a foster home in the Philly/South Jersey area for her. We cover all vet care and can provide supplies as well.

View recent photos.png
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