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Save A Life & Adopt Today

You have the power to make a difference.

Our adoption process is people friendly, accessible and supportive. There is a short application, and if selected, a meet & greet where you can get to know the animal you are interested in.

Applications are processed in the order received. We provide comprehensive behavioral information and gather relevant information from you about the prospective home environment, working with each applicant to match them with the best compatible animal.

Once you find the perfect match, we ask you to sign an adoption contract and give a donation to help us rescue the next animal in need.

Adoptable Cats

William & Leon

DOB: Leon 7/8/21 William 4/3/23

Sex: Male

Meet William & Leon! Leon had been in his foster home for a year and half before William joined the group.


Both boys quickly bonded and are looking for a forever home to go to together. William is very independent from his foster parents and will only really engage with them when treats are involved. He is still an active kitten who loves to play with toys and wrestle the other kittens. Leon is the more social of the two. While he is a little slow to warm up to new people, once he is comfortable he will come over asking for pets and love.


Both boys are vaccinated, neutered and FIV/FeLV negative.

W&L 2.jpg


DOB: 6/9/21

Sex: Female

Dragonfly  has had a rough start in life. She was born in a cat hoarding house. There were over 70 cats in this house and no litter boxes. The conditions in this house were horrific.

dragonfly 1.png

Many kittens died from the ammonia, filth and lack of nutrition and vet care. Dragonfly though survived. Unfortunately an untreated upper respiratory infection left her one eye scarred and we don’t think she has any vision in it.

While she solicits attention and doesn’t hide from her foster mom, she is still hesitant to let humans touch her. She will shy away. She does play and take treats from her caretaker and seems at time like she wants to be pet but is also still scared.

We are searching for a forever or foster home where she doesn’t have to be in a crate and where someone can give this sweet girl the time and gentle guidance she needs to fully feel comfortable.

Dragonfly is spayed, negative for FIV/felv and has been vaccinated and dewormed.

dragonfly 2.png


DOB: 1/8/17

Sex: Male

Francis is a calm and cuddly gentleman who was rescued during a TNR project in Philadelphia. This man was living on the streets with a spinal injury.

francis 2.png

He has done a lot of healing with his caring foster and is ready to be pampered by you.

Francis is a lap cat who adores his caretakers but also always ready to make new friends. He is good with other cats too and currently is in a foster home with dogs. He is looking for a family who is okay with the fact that he needs a little more help than the average cat. He needs a patient person who recognizes the love he has to offer far outweighs the little extra effort and care he needs.

We don’t know his exact age but vets estimate he is middle aged.

He is neutered, vaccinated , microchipped and tested negative for FIV/felv.

Francis is being fostered in Gloucester County, NJ

francis 1.png


DOB: 5/1/22

Sex: Female

Meet Mittens! Mittens is quiet and shy, likes to play by herself and is starting to venture out and play with the other kittens.


Mittens likes to lay on the tower or in the window seat. She isn’t a fan of petting or holding yet but we are working on it. Mittens is spayed, vaccinated & microchipped.




Sex: Female

Maddie is a beautiful all black kitty with a medium silky coat and a calm spirit. She enjoys sitting on the top of her foster mom’s couch and watching everyone both inside and outside her foster home.

Maddie 2.png

Maddie gets along with her foster siblings, respects their space and asks the same. She prefers feline friends over canines and is very food motivated.


This peaceful girl needs her personal space to be respected by her human family members as well. She allows gentle petting, head bumps and chin scratches. Maddie communicates when she wants physical affection and when she would prefer a bit more distance such as sitting near you in the living room. 


This cautious and smart girl was once with a family in Philadelphia and then found stray by a feeder after she had spent a number of years living on the street. Her foster mom rescued her and she has been re-learning to trust humans again and is acclimating to life in a home once more.


Maddie would do best with a home with children 10+ or with adults only. If you are seeking a calm companion she is the girl for you.


She is fully vaccinated and is double negative for five and felv. She is microchipped and ready for her forever family where she can continue to flourish.

Maddie 3.png



Sex: Female 

Cleopatra was left outside pregnant when her family moved away. She gave birth to five kittens and a neighbor asked us to please help.

cleopatra 2.png

She’s been in foster care for a few months and her kittens are fully weaned and she has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.


She is ready for her forever home now . She is great with everyone and just wants to sit in your window and watch the birds and get lots of loving. She currently lives with dogs, other cats and kids. We think she is only around a year old.

Cleo is in foster care in Gloucester City, NJ

cleopatra 1.png


DOB: 6/1/17

Sex: Female 

Herbie was rescued from an outside colony in North Philly last year. He was part of a TNR project but when we saw how friendly he was, we wanted to find him a home.


He was adopted not too long after and had been happy, until his human died and Herbie was left alone in the house. His human lived alone and no family members wanted to adopt Herbie.


He is understandably sad and a little confused but he’s very friendly, allows pets and loved rubbing up on legs and head bumps. He’s playful and loves companionship.


Unfortunately because Herbie doesn’t get along with their cats. Herbie needs to be on special urinary food for crystals.

He Vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, FIV/felv negative

Herbie 1.png


DOB: 5/31/22

Sex: Male

Meet Jack! Jack loves to play with toys, he can turn any object into a toy! He runs, climbs, and loves tunnels and boxes


He gets along with all of the other cats and kittens in the house and likes to curl up and sit next to us when he tires out from playing.


He is ok with being held but prefers to be down and playing.


Jack is neutered, vaccinated & microchipped.



DOB: 11/15/16

Sex: Male

Poor Nico was adopted from us as a kitten only to be left years later in a house when his family moved out without him  He’s been back in our care for almost a year now.

nico 2.png

The experience has left this poor cat with trauma that he is still working through.

Nico is looking for an adopter or foster who can give him time to decompress and use positive reinforcement to help him gain confidence. He doesn’t hide but need things can sometimes be scary for him.

Nico does take a little bit of time to warm up but once he’s comfortable he is a lap cat who loves attention and pets. He also loves cat trees, cozy blankets , toys and treats. He’s the first to run over when it’s time to eat. He needs slow intros to other kitty’s. He was bullied in a previous home and needs time to feel safe around others cats.

Nico is around six years old, neutered, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV/felv. He’s currently in Voorhees, NJ

nico 1.png

Mr Boo

DOB: 6/15/19

Sex: Male

Mr. Boo has the sweetest personality. He will run to the door the second you enter his room. He will greet you with a meow which I can only assume is him demanding pets.

mr boo.png

Once he has you trapped with his cuteness, he will rub against you, meow, purr, and make you never want to leave. While he is not lap cat sized, he doesn’t seem to know that. He will awkwardly hop onto any lap and attempt to sit down or just remain standing as you give him attention.


He is patient and accepting of new hands and is just happy to be loved.


He is neutered vaccinated , microchipped and tested negative for FIV/Felv.

me boo 1.png


Age: DOB 8/18/21

Sex: Female

Stevie is a beautiful charcoal gray kitty with medium hair and a floofy tail. She came to us from a cat hoarding home in 2021.


Stevie is very shy and needs time to warm up. Once she knows you she will come over and sit t you. She is learning to accept pets and affection though sometimes she still gets scared. She is playful and loves toys and gets along with other cats in her foster home.

Stevie is spayed , vaccinated and microchipped. She is negative for FIV/felv



DOB: 3/20/22

Sex: Female

If you are looking for someone to keep you company and maybe be your personal assistant, Foxy is for you.

Screen Shot 2023-09-21 at 2.44.34 PM.png

Foxy is very nosy and likes to be involved in whatever we are doing. She loves toys, being petted and will follow you around. She gets along well with the other cats & dogs in her current foster home.

Foxy is spayed, vaccinated, tested negative for FIV/felv and microchipped.
Foxy is currently on a special diet to help with her sensitive stomach.

Foxy is available for adoption or foster.

Screen Shot 2023-09-21 at 2.44.34 PM.png


DOB: 10/11/19

Sex: Male

Rivers is about 3 years old, super sweet and affectionate, and has a special little head tilt, which is most likely from an ear infection he had when he was living on the streets as a kitten.

rivers 1.png

It doesn’t affect his balance, it just makes him a little extra adorable.

Rivers is neutered, microchipped, and has had his initial shots. He has also had a dental cleaning so he has nice clean teeth.

Rivers is negative for FIV and FeLV and gets along great with other cats (he loves to cuddle with them!).

rivers 2.png


Age: DOB 5/17//22

Sex: Female

Alex is a one year old kitten who is looking for her forever home. Alex has always been shy and can still be skittish, though she loves to be pet.


Alex was adopted once but was returned when it was determined she wasn't the best fit. She needs someone that will go slow with her and who will understand her quirk personality. She lives with other cats and dogs in her foster home and does well with both. Alex is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and FIV/FeLV negative.



Age: DOB 8/18/21

Sex: Female

Imogen is a sweet cat who came to us from a hoarding home in 2021.. Imogen can be a little on the shy side at first but she loves to be pet and receive affection. She is friendly with other cats too.


Imogen is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She tested negative for FIV/felv. She’s currently in foster care in Gloucester County, NJ



DOB: 1/2/19

Sex: Male

Nigel came into our rescue when his prior owners threw him out of his home when they got a new puppy. Fast forward to now, our rescue friend saved him and now he’s in foster in Manhattan, NY.

Nigel 2.png

He is friendly, affectionate, playful, loves to sit by his people and has the softest fur. He gets along with the other cats in his foster home.


Nigel is approximately 3 years old, neutered, up to dates on vaccines, FIV/FeLV negative and microchipped.

Nigel 1.png

Cricket & Patches

Age: DOB 4/14/23

Sex: Female

Cricket and Patches are a petite sister duo looking for their forever home. These cuties love snuggles, and romping with one another as well as their foster family both feline and human!


The way to their hearts is food, and snacks especially lickable treats offered by their foster mom. These inquisitive and interactive girls are resilient and were taken into the rescue when they were only a few weeks old and are ready to join your family! This duo will be a great addition to a family with or without pets as the girls are very social and integrate easily. Setup a meet today!!



Age: DOB 05/02/23

Sex: Female

Lola is very sweet. She has warmed up to new people very quickly. She also is good with another cats!


She is now spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She tested negative for FIV/felv. She’s 10 months old

Lola is now looking for her forever home.


Adoptable Dogs


DOB: 9/6/22

Sex: Female

Breed: Mixed

Gina is an adorable mixed breed puppy looking for a home. We don’t know her breed mix but we think she will grow to be a medium/large dog.


She is shy at first when she meets new people. Once she is comfortable she will show you what a sweet and playful puppy she is. She has a lot of energy and loves to run around with toys.


Gina does need time to warm up to new dogs as well but once she knows them, she loves to play for hours with her dog friends.

Gina needs a human family that will continue her puppy training. She is not yet housebroken and is learning to walk on the leash still. She needs someone with time and patience and who will use positive reinforcement training to help her learn the skills she needs to be a happy, well adjusted dog.

Gina is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and on flea/tick/heartworm prevention.


She’s currently in foster care in Voorhees, NJ



DOB: 4/24/17

Sex: Male

Breed: Pit Bull Terrior Mix

Rocky is a wonderful gentleman, an A+ snuggler (actually the best I’ve ever had), loves car rides, and is just generally a very happy guy

Rocky 2.png

He doesn’t need much from life. Just the simple things- a nice sniffing walk, unconditional love, a few squishy toys, some tug time, and a snuggly blanket to burrow into. He loves to just lay out in the sun, go for car rides, and snuggle.

He is previously in foster care in Connecticut and currently in boarding in Camden County New Jersey. He loves to recall and has the cutest little hop run back to you. He’s even been taught to file his own nails! He does not need (or want to be) in a crate making him an easy house guest. Although currently in a home with other dogs, he is nervous around them and would be more comfortable as an only pet.

He is housebroken, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and heartworm negative

Rocky 1.png


DOB: 2/1/23

Sex: Female

Breed: Mixed

Ginger is a sweet, very playful puppy. She was born in February of 2023. She gets along very well with dogs and cats on a case by case basis.


Ginger is a little skittish at first but warms up quickly with treats.


She is house trained and will do a little whine to let you know she has to go. A home with a fenced in yard would be good for Ginger as she is not yet comfortable with leash walking.


Ginger would also do best in a home with another dog. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.



DOB: 8/17/18

Sex: Male 

Breed: Pit Bull Terrior Mix

Poor Bean is pretty scared of everything and being in a kennel environment is not the best thing for him.

Bean 2.png

When he met a behaviorist, he was much more relaxed and social than we anticipated. Which made us happy! She adjusted his anxiety meds so help him cope in the kennel but we really need to get this boy out into a foster home ASAP.

Bean is neutered and up to date with vaccines.

Bean 1.png


DOB: 3/23/19

Sex: Male 

Breed: Pit Bull Terrior Mix

Sephiroth is an amazing 3-legged pup looking for his forever home. Seph is a total snuggle bug. He’s great in the car and home and well mannered

Sehiroth 2.jpeg
Sephiroth 3.jpeg

He was pulled from one of our local partner shelters earlier this year. He was found on the train tracks with a broken leg which we tried to save, but ultimately needed to be amputated. The good news is that he does wonderful on three legs.


He is all healed up and gets around very well!


He’s housebroken and crate trained. He hasn’t had a lot of exposure to dogs and kids so right now it’s case by case. (He has met a child and did well but we don’t feel this is enough to say he would be good with all kids).
Seph is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.


DOB: 8/26/13

Sex: Female 

Breed: Beagle/Lab Mix

Dixie is a spunky senior Beagle/Lab mix with lots of love to give! She has the easy going, eager to please personality of a Lab, mixed with the inquisitiveness and charm of a Beagle.


She is enthusiastic about going for walks and making friends with anyone and anything, and the rest of her time is typically spent snoozing on the sofa (ideally with a snuggle buddy). She likes a routine, and once it’s set, she will remind you if you forget what time it is—she is not a fan of sleeping in on weekends, and greets every day with exuberance. She likes to pretend she doesn’t have arthritis, but she does struggle a little on the stairs. She seems to be afraid of the dark (we think her eyesight just isn’t great in the dark), so nighttime walks do take a little extra patience and encouragement. She is very responsible with her bathroom habits and hasn’t had any accidents in the house. She also gets along great with all dogs that she’s encountered, and even when her foster sister tries to steal her food she is very patient with her. We haven’t seen her in close quarters with a cat, but she does try to chase them if she sees them in the street, so it’s probably not the best idea for her to live with one. When she came to us she was really overwhelmed with anxiety at all times, but once she was able to settle into a routine at home she is an incredibly content and affable dog. She does still get very anxious at the vet, and needs to take some meds before she goes, but as soon as she’s out of the building she is back to normal. Overall, Dixie just exudes positive energy, she is a lovely companion, and will do great in a home with a solid routine and plenty of quiet time for uninterrupted napping on the sofa

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